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Depression, which ranges from mild to severe, can be an extremely debilitating condition. People with depression – and there are many, as this is one of the most common psychological disorders – can experience a wide range of symptoms, including prolonged feelings of sorrow or distress, feelings of guilt and intolerance for themselves, and difficulties with sleep, socialising, and sex drive. Treatment for depression helps to tackle these issues to help the individual onto the path of recovery. Above all, depression is not the same as the feelings of grief and sorrow we experience when, for example, someone we love dies, or we have to retire from a job we’ve always loved. At difficult times during our lives, grief and sorrow are often completely rational, healthy ways to react. Over time, we adjust to the new situation and we start to feel better. With depression, however, there is often no end in sight. Some people try to “self-medicate” with alcohol and/or illegal or inappropriately used prescription drugs, and can end up having to deal with addiction problems too. Untreated, depression can blight a promising life. If you suffer from depression, you already know how painfully difficult it can be to get through life; you may feel that, as a result, you are far from living up to your potential.
RELATED CONDITIONS Bipolar Disorder : People with Bipolar Disorder have extreme mood swings, essentially identifying with a bigger part of the mood spectrum. They experience periods of depression and mania, often with periods of ‘normal’ mood in between.
Post Natal Depression :A form of depression that occurs after childbirth.
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) : A disorder where a person may have depression like symptoms in darker winter months but not in summer. TREATMENT FOR DEPRESSION In the short term, medication can be a genuine life-safer, and very effective in helping to manage some of the worst symptoms of depression. But it is not a catch-all cure, and we recommend that patients with depression seek out forms of therapy and counselling that will provide long-term relief, without the side effects of medication.

One of the most effective treatments for depression is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), provided by a fully qualified psychologist. This helps the patient to take control of his or her condition by learning how to recognise and change their thoughts and behavioural patterns with respect to their depression. Research has also proven that other techniques such as Mindfulness and Eye movement desensitisation reprocessing (EMDR) can also be very effective.

If you feel that you would benefit from counselling for depression, make sure that your therapist is a fully qualified Psychologist (HCPC registered), CBT Psychotherapist (BABCP accredited) or Psychiatrist (RcPsych). Such a professional will be in the best position to provide you with the sort of help you need.

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At the End of the Day, Your Fate is in your hands, it is all about taking the initiative, time and investment to get you from where you are to where you’d like to be. At Affinity Therapy, we Assess you Individually and Give you Actionable Advice Tailored to your Unique Situation which makes it 100% Effective, Just read our Reviews! 

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I broke up with my ex a couple of months ago and I got to the point where I was sure there was nothing I could do to get her back. Really, I pulled out all the stops, nothing seemed to get her attention. It’s like she didn’t even know I existed, it sucked. I turned to these guys because I thought “What the heck do I have to lose?” and I’m not sorry I did. They were really professional and the coach I got, Lauren, helped me understand what I was doing wrong. I went through some steps according to their advice and after just a couple of weeks, I was meeting with my ex consistently and we’re talking about getting back together! Can’t believe they’re this good, such a lucky find. If you have any kind of problems with dating or relationships, I cannot recommend them more.

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Long story short, my fiancée told me she “wasn’t sure anymore” a few weeks before our marriage. Everything I tried either didn’t help or made things worse. Affinity really saved me here. I got connected to Paul, one of their therapists, who instantly picked up on my problem. He helped me realize I never really expressed how I felt about the situation to my fiancée. Anytime we’d argue, everything I said just came out as anger. I knew I had to change, but I’ve never been the type of guy who spills their guts to people. But Paul reassured me that I can communicate my feelings in a way I was comfortable with and offered actionable advise which fit my unique circumstances. After my session with Paul I got things patched up with my now wife. In general, I feel more confident in my marriage knowing I could always turn to Affinity whenever I needed.

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They Got Me Back Together With My Ex!!!

I am happy to say that I no longer need Affinity because the therapists got me back together with my ex, and things are going better than ever. They helped me through a grueling 2 months right after my ex wife stomped all over my heart and broke up with me. She said she wasn’t in love with me anymore, but I couldn’t let her go. The Therapists at Affinity  prevented me from begging for her back and wasting my money on gifts that would’ve just made things worse. They told me I needed to give her space, and also what I should say before and after a no-contact period. I don’t think I could’ve gotten her back without them.

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